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Organization is so not my strong suit, but I'm going to do my best to keep this page up-to-date and easy to navigate. If there are any broken links or missing-in-action fics, let me know and I'll try to fix them ASAP.

Fandom: White Collar

Full-length fics

"Ask Me I Won't Say No (How Could I?)," Peter/Neal, NC-17, @2,400 words, kink fic

"I've Been Careless," Kate and Elizabeth, @ 2,500 words, PG, dialogue and character study

"Men of Our Words," Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, @1400 words, humor/crack OT3, PG

"Love Walked In," Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, @4000 words, ot3 courtship fic, PG-13

"Living In A Den Of Thieves," Alex/Neal/Kate, @3,000 words, angsty threesome, NC-17

"Summer In The City (the Hallucinating You remix)," Kate/Mozzie, @2,500 words, angst, remix, R

"Like Chewing On Pearls," Neal/Kate, @1,000 words, NC-17, kink fic with warnings

"The Widow's Jazz," June/Byron, @3,500 words, NC-17, romance

"Shelter From The Storm," Mozzie/Neal, @1,500 words, NC-17, porn with warnings

"They're Just Old Light," Neal/Kate, @2,500 words, NC-17, angst

"Crime Family," Alex, Neal, Mozzie, Kate, @1,800 words, G, fluff

Comment fics and drabbles

"Just Like Everyone Else Does," Mozzie, mini character study, G, mild angst, implied OT3

"Deceptively Yours," Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, PG-13, basically kissing!porn w/jealousy kink

"The Letter," Neal/Kate, G, post-season-finale angst, major spoilers

"Fidelity," Peter/Elizabeth(/Neal), R, sexytimes

"That Time," Peter/Neal, PG-13, more kissing!porn

"Hotel Song (dear dear friend)," Peter/Neal, R, pre-series chasing games

"Truth and Consequences," Mozzie-centric mostly humor, PG

"Not Gonna Let You Run, Mozzie/Neal, R, bdsm

"A Friend In Need," Mozzie/Neal, very fluffy h/c, G

"Old Sequins and Old Breastplates," pre-slash Peter/Neal, dreamy/introspective ficlet, G

"Better To Beg Forgiveness Than To Ask Permission," Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, very silly poetry ficlet, PG

"Haramt Ahebak," Alex-centric ficlet for the iTunes meme. Alex/Neal implied. PG.

"The Upper Hand," Neal/Mozzie PWP ficlet. NC-17. Very short.

Fandom: Star Trek XI

Full-length fics

"Detonate For Me," Kirk/Spock, NC-17, ~800 words, pwp

"Logical Arrangements," multiple pairings (het and slash), NC-17, ~4,500 words, porn and fluff with the whole crew

"Maybe In Another Lifetime," Kirk/McCoy, R, @2,000 words, series of humorous AU ficlets

"Got Your Back," Sulu +/ Chekov, PG-13, @800 words, action/friendship

"There To Catch You," Kirk/Spock/McCoy, PG-13, @2,000 words, schmoopy h/c

"The City Comes Alive at Night," Pike/Kirk/McCoy/Chekov, NC-17, @3,000 words, porn and friendship w/ some D/s themes

"Friend is a Four-Letter Word," mirror!Chekov/mirror!Sulu, NC-17, @8,000 words, non-con darkfic

"Merry Christmas, Your Ass," Kirk/McCoy, PG-13, holiday fic

"Slinky!" Uhura/Spock/Gaila, NC-17, @4,000 words, porn

"Lager, Never Even Regal," Uhura and Gaila friendship, PG-13, @850 words

"This Pleases Me," Uhura/Spock, NC-17, pwp, @1,700 words

"Coincidence (the Tell Me More remix)," Chapel/Kirk/McCoy, @2,500 words, R, romantic comedy, remix

Comment fics and drabbles

"No Win," Kirk/Spock, PG-13, humor/slash

"Whistle While You Work," Sulu/Chekov (with Spock POV and Kirk cameo), humor, 200-or-so words

"Extreeeeme!" Sulu and Kirk, drabble, PG, friendship fluff

"Where Many Have Gone Before," Kirk/Spock/McCoy, R, drabble, parody fic

"Two Tickets," Kirk/McCoy, PG, fluff

"Perks of the Job," Spock/Uhura, with Chapel and McCoy, PG, fluff, baby!fic

"Symbolic," Chekov/Sulu, PG-13, mini!character study, fluff

"Feed a Cold," pre-George/Winona/Pike, G, hurt/comfort, fluff

"Epic Men," gen ficlet, G, in memory of William Safire

"Sometimes You Just Want To Be A Person," gen ficlet, PG-13, humor

"Sentimental," Kirk/Gaila, PG friendship and schmoop

"I'll Take A Dozen Of Those," Chekov/Sulu, NC-17 cutesy porn

"Princess Peaseblossom," Kirk/McCoy + Joanna, G, fluffy kidfic

Fandom: Leverage

Full-length fics

"The Birthday Party Job," gen with a side of Parker/Alec, schmoop, PG13, ~1000 words

"The Kobold Job,", gen, humor, PG, ~1000 words

"Here's Where It Ends And Where I Stand," Nate/Eliot, angst/porn, NC-17, ~2000 words

"Creating a Diversion," Parker/Sophie, UST, humor, PG-13, ~650 (really too short to be a full-length one-shot, but too long for a drabble, sooo....)

Comment fics and drabbles

"Google 'Bisexuality'," Alec/Eliot, fluff/humor, PG13

"On Top of the World," Alec/Eliot, romance/adventure, PG

"Boomerang," Nate/Eliot, angst, R (warning: violence, Bad Things, etc)

"Chattering," gen silly humor, PG

"When And Where To Strike," Parker/Hardison/Eliot, PG-13, hand!porn ficlet.


"Ruthless Men In Love," Leverage/L.A. Confidential, Eliot/Bud, R (warning: violence), ~500 words

"Tomorrow Belongs To...," Leverage/Dexter, Deb/Parker, NC-17, 1930s cabaret AU

"Morning After," Leverage/Dexter, Parker/Deb, three-sentence drabble

"If I Had Your Faith," Leverage/White Collar, Hardison/Neal, kinky PWP, @1,000 words.

Fandom: Death Note

Comment fics and drabbles

"Living in My Head," Mello/Near, PG, UST and angst

"My Reach Is Global," L/Light, PG, humor

"Unless We Realize We're The Same," L/Light, PG, angsty slash

Fandom: Dexter

Full-length fics

"Desperate Guys," vaguely Dexter/OMC, R, ~1000 words

Drabbles and comment fics

Lies and Delusions, Doakes solo (vaguely Doakes/Dexter), pg13

"Disarmed," Dexter/Brian, R, death!fic

Fandom: Lost

Full-length fics

"The Survivors," Ben/Locke, PG-13 for some violence and mentions of deaths, UST

Comment fics and drabbles

"Fidelity," Daniel/Juliet, three-sentence drabble, PG

"Done This Before," Kate/Sawyer, R, sideways!verse ficlet (spoilers for Season 6)

Miscellaneous Fandoms
Most of these are just little bits of silliness written for comment fic. Enjoy!

True Blood, "Survivalism," Lafayette/Eric, NC-17, dark ficlet

Kill Bill, "Bang Bang," Beatrix/Vernita/Elle, NC-17, pwp

Brick, "Like Jasmine," Laura/Emily, NC-17, PWP, dubcon

RPS/The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, "Off-Script," PG, three-sentence drabble

Political/Pundits RPS, "Master Class," Rahm Emmanuel/Keith Olbermann and other pundits/journalists, PG-13 for language, drabble

Romantic Poets RPS, "The Nightingale," Samuel Taylor Coleridge/William Wordsworth, G

Scrubs, "Too Old To Care," JD/Dr. Cox, PG, pre-slash

Firefly, "Found Out," Kaylee/Simon (Kaylee/Inara), R

Pushing Daisies, "Eighteen Minutes and Fifty-Three Seconds," Chuck/Olive(/Ned), R

Metanoia, "The Only Thing That Works For Me," Zander/Star, PG-13, slash and UST

House, "It's Not Pollen," House/Wilson, G, schmoop/humor

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, "Completing the Look"/"A Friend You Haven't Met Yet"/"Get Me Out Of This Hellhole You Filthy Humans," Billy/Penny, PG, humor

Fringe, "Magic Tricks," Walter & Astrid friendship, schmoop/humor

Dancing With The Stars RPS, "First Class," Len & Bruno friendship, humor, yuletide fic


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