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Birthdate:May 2
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Hi! I'm Sarah, a grad student working on an MA in World Literature at a university in North Carolina. No, not that one. My biggest passion in life is literature, especially crime literature. I sort of want to be the queer girl Raymond Chandler when I grow up. I like to write about sexuality, both in terms of my personal experience and general observations. I'm in a poly marriage, which is so far working out really well for me, and I'm relatively new to my city and still exploring and meeting new people. And sometimes I get mad about the world not changing fast enough for my liking. That's pretty much what I talk about in my personal posts.

In terms of fandoms, um, I pretty much write whatever I have ideas for. My greatest loves right now are Leverage and Death Note, but the fandom that actually got me writing fiction again in the first place was Dexter. I like stories that have to do with the concept of justice and how individuals define and act on it on a personal level -- mostly I'm fascinated by characters who are vigilantes in one way or another, because it's so different from my own live-and-let-live mindset. I also really like stories about alienation and people being somehow set apart from society. Secret identities and hidden motivations really appeal to me.

In terms of writing and reading fic, I am basically completely promiscuous and do not stick to any particular list of fandoms. I don't even care if I know canon if I like the looks of it. :D I read gen, het, femmeslash and good ol' slash (and yaoi), but for some reason I have a sort of block about writing het. I want to do it for Black Lagoon, though, so I will have to get around whatever weird issue I have with it, which I think has to do with it seeming really personal.

In a new development, I recently went through an experience that apparently resulted in stories about addiction being very upsetting to me. So for the moment I'm not reading or writing anything related to those themes. Which means no House and no Nate from Leverage. I am bummed about this and hope it goes away soon.

Enjoy the fic and whatnot!
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