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Title: "Princess Peaseblossom"
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing and Characters: Kirk/McCoy, Joanna, mentions of Winona
Rating: G
Summary: Leonard questions Jim's choice of bedtime stories.

AN: This is just a tiny bit of fluff I wrote as comment fic for [personal profile] minoanmiss, who was having A Day. Archiving it here out of, basically, sheer OCD.

As soon as Jo's eyes were decidedly closed and her breathing had evened out to a slow, stuffy-nosed wheeze, Leonard came quietly in from the doorway to stand next to the edge of the bed where Jim was sitting, and put a hand on his shoulder. Jim's head turned fast, mildly startled but still trying not to make a sound.

"You know, Jim, you can tell her more than just cutesy love stories. Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she'll keel over and faint at the first hint of danger."

Jim blinked. "You think I tell her those stories because she's a girl?"

"Well, it seemed like the obvious conclusion."

"Dude, no." Jim smiled that kind of sheepish smile that made his dimples stand out and did unwelcome things to Leonard's critical reasoning skills. "I mean, I guess I could tell her about the adventures we have all the time on the ship, but that's, you know... that's our job, right? When my mom came home from missions, she'd tell us kids about them over grilled cheese sandwiches, or when we were in the car together, or something, but she always said that those stories weren't for bedtime."

"So at bedtime she told you and your brother about... the adventures of Princess Peaseblossom?"

"Yeah, actually. She said it was good enough for her growing up, and it would be good enough for us. So I thought it was good enough for Jo, too. I mean, unless you object."

Leonard knitted his brows for a second, and looked down at the sleeping six-year-old curled up under superhero-printed sheets, and at Jim sitting at her side, looking younger than usual in one of Leonard's t-shirts and plaid pajama pants.

"Uh... no, of course not. No objections at all."

"Well, good then," said Jim, and very gently transferred his weight off the bed, to follow Leonard back to their room.


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