Apr. 1st, 2010

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It occurred to me that I've written a bunch of tiny stories about Mozzie that take place in more or less the same universe, and that it would be a good idea to have that whole 'verse organized in one place, and also that that could be tricky because... these aren't really fics. Well, some of them are. But mostly they're little bits and bobs of writing that happened in comments or memes or middle-of-the-night meta epiphanies. The suggestions that people make in the comments contribute to the verse itself. Even if I wanted to archive some of these little things, I'm not sure how I'd do it. SO. I'm just going to put them all together like a collage or one of those evidence bulletin boards that crime shows love so much, and you can sort of... piece together the story, if you are so inclined.

Posted in order of setting rather than in order of writing:

"Never Expect To Be Sure," a sort of experimental meta/fic thing about Mozzie, his mom, and what his name is really short for.

"Emma," comment-fic for [personal profile] speccygeekgrrl's prompt, "Mozzie's first pet." Takes page when he's six years old; mom's POV. Shameless fluff.

"Truth and Consequences," mostly-humor ficlet about Mozzie's first break-in, when he was 16. Inspired by a random news story.

"Do You Even Go To This School?" Snippet written for the "The One Where" meme, for [personal profile] elrhiarhodan: "the one where Mozzie loses his glasses and his virginity." Takes place in 1981, a year after "Truth and Consequences."

"Running Underground", Neal/Mozzie/Kate snippet, written for [personal profile] speccygeekgrrl for the "the one where" meme: "the one where Kate, Mozzie and Neal are all worked up after pulling a heist and need to work off the adrenaline rush." No specific date for this one, but it's got to be in the early-ish 00s.

"Not Gonna Let You Run," Neal/Mozzie BDSM ficlet, written, of course, for [personal profile] speccygeekgrrl, set during the first season, in 2009 or 10. Not explicit.

It isn't in the same timeline as the others, on account of the strongly implied Peter/Neal/Elizabeth and unrequited Mozzie/Neal themes, but one of my first White Collar fics ever is a mini character study for Mozzie, and the characterization basically holds even though the pairings are different:

"Just Like Everyone Else Does," originally titled "Needs and Wants." Set in 2009. Comment_fic for [profile] daria234.


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