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Title: "The Upper Hand"
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: Neal/Mozzie
Rating: NC-17, explicit sex
Summary: Neal likes to think he's in charge. Let him.

AN: For [personal profile] speccygeekgrrl, for the Five Acts meme. The kink was "fingerfucking."

"See, that -- is not -- even --" Mozzie was going to say "fair," but the vocalization that came out instead was... not so much a word, really. Maybe a phoneme.

"Are you complaining?" Neal sounds amused, smug. Of course. He gets off on feeling like he's winning, which seems to be how he usually feels when he's got Mozzie naked and squirming on his back on the couch, he himself still dressed and unruffled except for the one sleeve very deliberately rolled up. Makes him feel like he's got, ahem, the upper hand. Let him think that -- as far as Mozzie's concerned, Neal's the one doing all the work.

He bites his lip as Neal crooks his two fingers inside of him, pressing up at just the right angle.

"You --" gasp "-- have a talent."

"Just one?" Neal teases, and starts to work a third finger in, smooth-nailed and slippery with lube. It feels like too much, like it ought to hurt, but instead it's just... a lot of feeling, all at once. Drowning out everything else. Neal twists his fingers to tease Mozzie's prostate just as he finally deigns to apply his other hand -- clever and quick -- to his straining cock, his eyes never leaving Mozzie's face. He's watching so carefully, Mozzie can tell, judging micro-expressions and small intakes of breath, making the moment-to-moment decision to keep teasing when he could just --

"For the love of God, Neal!" is the closest to begging that Mozzie's ever going to get, but it does the trick. The fingers inside him are as confident as the ones wrapped around his cock, and he comes hard, Neal watching intently the whole time. When he's pretty sure he's regained motor control, he wraps an arm around Neal's shoulders and pulls him down to the couch alongside him. If the kid wants to complain about his outfit getting ruffled now... eh, let him.

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