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Title: "When And Where To Strike"
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Parker/Hardison/Eliot
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Eliot teaches Hardison to throw a punch; hand porn ensues.

AN: For [personal profile] dariaw, for the Five Acts meme. The kink was "hand fetishization."

Eliot has been trying to teach them to fight. It's kind of stupid -- Parker wants to point out that the whole point of being Parker or Hardison is being good enough at what you do that you don't have to get in fights -- but it's fun to beat up the boys, and it usually ends in really fun sex, and Sophie would say that it's Eliot's way of showing that he cares about them and wants to protect them. Which is cute, if Eliot can be cute. She tells him that once and he sort of glares at her, and then hugs her with one arm.

This afternoon he's teaching them how to throw a punch. Well, he's teaching Hardison how to throw a punch -- he still hasn't got the knack for making a fist, yet. Eliot seems really determined to get it right, so Parker just stands back and watches and tries not to do anything to set either of them off.

"Do I have to do everything myself?" Eliot growls, and then he takes one of Hardison's hands in both of his own, all of a sudden. Hardison takes a sharp little breath as if Eliot just hit him, and his fingers flex against Eliot's like they have a mind of their own. Maybe they do; it would explain a lot.

Eliot holds Hardison's hand steady with one of his own, while he uses the other to position his fingers and tuck the thumb against his palm. Hardison's fingers are so long, it's almost awkward for Eliot to maneuver them, but he goes along with it patiently, watching to see what Eliot's trying to get him to do. Eliot's wearing the fingerless gloves that he likes to wear when he's hitting things, and his thick, tan fingers stand out against the black of the gloves and the darker brown and pink of Hardison's skin. Parker isn't close enough to see texture, really, but she knows the differences from experience, and she imagines the rougher texture of Eliot's callused finger-pads brushing against Hardison's surprisingly soft skin, only the itchy knit gloves getting in the way.

She notices that they must be noticing it, too, because Eliot is taking more time than necessary to fold Hardison's fingers down one by one, stroking slowly along the soft underside of each finger. Hardison's hand flexes a little with each stroke, and Parker likes that part best -- how alive his hands always are, like they're always looking for something to do. She likes them playing with her hair and splayed out against the broadest part of her back, the tips of his fingers always exploring. She likes Eliot's hands, too, because they're strong and confident and they come close to reaching all the way around her waist when they have sex, gripping tight and directing her movement. Hardison seems to like them, too, because he's still watching -- being a good student -- but now his eyes are half closed.

Finally Eliot finishes demonstrating on Hardison, and holds his tightly-closed fist up by the wrist, on display.

"Pretty," says Parker.

"Pretty?" Eliot gets that exasperated look on his face.

"It's okay, yours are pretty too," she says. "Now are you going to do mine?"

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