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Title: "The Red Box Job"
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: Hardison, Parker, Eliot
Rating: G
Summary: Hardison shares a gaming memory with his new party. Semi-sequel to "The Kobold Job."

AN: Written as comment fic for [personal profile] allandaros, who wanted "more Leverage D&D tales, possibly featuring older editions."

Nana hadn't been able to provide her foster kids with all of the finer things in life -- no matter how many ads Alec cut out and pasted to the fridge, the deluxe edition Optimus Prime just wasn't happening -- but she'd taught them one thing well: never underestimate the treasures you can find at a library-basement used-book-sale.

It was there that Alec had found his first Red Box. Of course, he didn't know it was already hopelessly out of date; it was the first of its kind that he'd seen, and with those magical swirly white letters spelling out Dungeons & Dragons, that badass red dragon on the cover, he'd known that he had to have it. Nana had shrugged her shoulders and said, "Why not?"

After they'd been playing for a while, when he was sure he could trust them with it, Hardison took the Red Box down from the top shelf in the closet, and showed it to Parker and Eliot.

Eliot flipped through the rulebook for a second, raising an eyebrow at the weapons tables, before Parker pulled it away from him, averting her eyes like she was trying to pretend she didn't notice what her hands were doing. She went straight to character creation.

"You can play a thief in this one?"

"Well, yeah, same as in the one we've been playing. Nate's character, Derrick the human rogue, right?"

"That's a rogue." Parker gave him her best I'm-not-stupid look. "This is a thief."

"Yeah, but if you look at these stat bonuses here, all I'm sayin' is the basic character class is --"

"A thief's a thief."

"She's got a point, Hardison." Eliot smirked.

"Okay, okay, the tribe has spoken. Next time we'll play this one. But y'all ain't gonna like it, just so you know, you think I'm a mean GM in 4E, you haven't seen nothin' like --"

"I get to be a thief," said Parker quietly, smiling.

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