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Title: "Like Jasmine"
Fandom: Brick
Pairing: Laura/Emily
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Dubious consent, mild drug use
Summary: Laura's curious about what makes Em tick.

AN: For [profile] viorica8957, for the Five Acts meme. The kink was "fingering."

"Stop me if it feels like too much."

"How much is too much?" Emily smiles, guileless through red-rimmed eyes. They've only had a couple of puffs, but Em's still new at this and it shows. It's a good look for her so far. The smell of pot hangs in the air like the smell of jasmine.

"You'll know." Laura coils her body alongside Em's languid limbs, and at first she just touches through her white cotton panties, running her pointer finger along the seam of Em's lips and getting the general lay of the land, the heat and humidity and where they're rising from.

"Not too much yet," Em murmurs. So Laura gets one finger into the waistband of the briefs and tugs them down Em's long white thighs, exposing downy blonde hair like on the head of a baby doll, and plump pink flesh that looks swollen up with moisture. Laura lets her eyes flutter shut for a moment as she inhales the earthy and slightly acid scent, peeking out from underneath the sweet smell of pot smoke.

She slips a fingertip into Em's opening, watching her eyes flutter and roll as she strokes her from the inside, learning her reactions and her slick, silky texture. Another finger follows the first one, and Em takes in a little gasp.

"Be careful with me, now."

"I'm never careless," Laura returns with an easy smile, and exerts a little more pressure on the downstroke, looking for the sweet spot. Em squirms like a kitten, the muscles of her stomach fluttering, but she doesn't flash her eyes and contract like Laura's looking for. She's limp and relaxed against the bed, maybe too relaxed for the effect Laura's looking for. But she can work with that. Smiling at Em's pretty, wasted face, she slips her fingers out and traces the edges of her thighs, touching soft enough to tickle, before turning her attention to Em's firm little clit. She rubs the tip of one finger over it, and Em whimpers, a little shudder moving through her shoulders.

"So this is what does it for you."

"A lot of things do it for me."

"What else?" Laura rolls Emily's clit between her thumb and pointer finger, and Em's hips give a little stuttering thrust. The movement accentuates the way her hipbones stand out from her belly, the little bowl shape it creates around her delicate navel. Laura finds herself thinking that she's like a beautifully made doll, and then thinking that maybe she's higher than she thought she was. "I want to hear. Tell me."

"A lot of things," Em replies, giggling happily as Laura crouches down to her work, her breath heavy against the sensitive skin. "I like long walks on the beach."

Laura stroked the pad of her thumb all the way along Em's lips, teasing a little at the edges, before pinching her clit on just this side of hard.

"Was that for being smart?" Em asked, her voice high and breathy. She'd barely gotten the question out before Laura added a little rolling motion to the squeeze and finally got the reaction she'd been going for -- that high-pitched sob in her throat, the fluttering stomach, the sudden hard clench of her thighs. Em's eyes rolled up and her lower lip trembled just a bit.

"That was for not telling me the truth," said Laura sweetly. "Want to try it again?"
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