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Title: "If I Had Your Faith"
Fandom: Leverage/White Collar crossover
Pairing: Alec Hardison/Neal Caffrey
Rating: NC-17
Warning: BDSM (electricity play)
Summary: When Hardison finds a toy that Parker and Eliot are both scared of, he calls on an old friend to assist in his experiments.

AN: For [personal profile] hoosierbitch, for the Five Acts meme. The kink is "Hardcore BDSM -- electricity." I hope this is hardcore enough for you! Like all of my kink fics, it ended up being more about the mind!fuck than the, um, actual fuck.

"Come on, work with me, baby," Hardison murmured, and Neal wasn't clear on whether he was talking to him, or to the machine that had just come buzzing to life behind him. Neal knew how Hardison could be with machines -- they'd worked a couple of jobs together back in the day, and celebrated in style afterward. This, though, was the first time the hacker had contacted him just to play. "You know I can see you fidgeting. Cut that right out." Okay, definitely talking to him, then. Neal took a deep breath, and tried to relax and be still.

Hardison took his time getting everything rigged up the way he wanted it. Neal's vision was pitch-black behind the leather blindfold Hardison had him in, but he suspected that the instinct to look over his shoulder would have only worked against him anyway. After all, Hardison had told him that this was the first toy to actually scare off both of his regular playmates... and that was all he'd said. The specifics were to be a surprise. Neal had been looking forward for days now to finding out what it was going to be.

"Okay, now this is when the magic happens." Hardison was practically purring at his machine. Neal heard his footsteps approaching the bed Neal was strapped down to, felt his presence nearby, before he spoke again, in a softer voice: "Remember, you've got your word if you want to stop. We cool?"

That was a direct question, so Neal was allowed to answer, his mouth feeling dry. "Yeah. We're okay."

It still felt like a long time before he felt the first touch, just a little tap on his shoulder with what felt like maybe the tip of a fountain pen. At first it was almost an anticlimax; it didn't really hurt, any more than the little shock you get touching a car door on a winter day -- except that the little metal point stayed put, and the shock kept going, crackling with heat against his skin. As Hardison dragged it along the curve of Neal's shoulderblade, it left a trail of stinging shocks, sizzling under his skin.

Neal had never been great at following rules, and he couldn't stop himself from asking "What are you --?"

Instead of answering, Hardison removed whatever it was from Neal's shoulder, and placed it very deliberately at the place where his spine met the base of his skull. Hot, spiky pain filled his head, and he cried out, less because of the pain itself, and more because it was one thing to trust Hardison to know what he was doing, and another to really believe that this was as harmless as he'd claimed when it definitely felt like his brain was on fire. With his vision blocked out by the blindfold and no sound in the room except for the buzzing of the machine, Neal wasn't sure how he would know if, as he imagined, electric currents were sparking through the inside of his head. But after just a few seconds, the feeling vanished, replaced by a faint buzz like after two glasses of wine, and the distinct scene of ozone.

"Talking out of turn," Hardison sighed. "Could have sworn somebody warned you about that." Now Neal felt three of the electrified points on his back, scratching slowly down his spine. "Since you were curious, though, why don't we make a deal. I answer your question -- " the points dug in a little as they moved "-- if you'll be a good test subject and answer one for me. You playing?"

"Yeah," Neal breathed. "Sure."

"Okey-dokie. All I've got here is a Violet Wand set-up with fingertip attachments. I just turn on the current, slip these babies over my fingers, and snap, crackle, pop. Completely safe -- they used to use these deals for physical therapy. Must have been some interesting PT sessions, huh?"

That wasn't a question, really. Neal stayed quiet and breathed through the sensation of the prickling points of heat exploring the curves of his back.

"Your turn. I want you to tell me what you're feeling. Right now. Extra points for graphic sensory detail."

Neal waited a second to answer, just observing what he felt. "It feels... great, actually. When you started, I thought you might be killing me, and then it was horrible, but after you took them off my neck, it was like everything... just relaxed. It hurts, and then it feels better. Like getting a massage."

"So you noticed how much the sensation changed after you got past the scary part? Good, that's my favorite part. You get so tense, like you want to get away from something that's inside your head -- and then you just go all mellow. Fascinating to watch, really."

Neal was about to say something sarcastic, but then one of Hardison's fingertips trailed down his spine to the crack of his ass, tracing between his cheeks and around his hole. Neal took in a sharp breath and froze in place, torn between the impulses to pull away from the pain and press into the sharp, intense stimulation. His cock was pretty sure it felt good, but his brain wasn't sure, and he just lay there, shivering, listening to Hardison's self-satisfied chuckle. He closed his eyes behind the blindfold and breathed deeply as two of the points pressed into his perineum, as the flat of Hardison's other hand rested against his upper back, big and cool and calming. Hardison made a soft shhhh sound somewhere above him. The deeper he could draw in that breath, the farther they could get him from that place of panic, the more he coud appreciate the feeling of being massaged underneath his skin by hot little licks of current, and the dreamy high that had started to overtake him. He bucked into Hardison's firm pressure, rubbing his hot, swollen cock against the mattress beneath him.

"Don't you come, now," Hardison said gently. "I'm gonna want to take care of that." Neal couldn't help letting out a little whine, which made Hardison chuckle again, his laugh low and rich with pleasure. "Tell me what it feels like now."

"Fantastic," says Neal. "Like you're stroking me under my skin. It hurts, but it's this intensely erotic kind of pain, like I can just float through it."

"Very good. Now, don't freak out now, but I want to try zapping your head again." He kept kneading the sharp little claws against Neal's prostate as he spoke. Neal's heart jumped at the words, but his cock did, too, so he tried to ignore the first impulse. "You know I'm not gonna hurt you, baby. I just want you to feel what it's like when you've already got the edge off, 'cause it is pretty amazing."

"Okay." Neal made his voice come out steady. "We can do that."

Hardison stopped massaging Neal's ass, and gently stroked his back with the soft, non-electrified surfaces of his hands, teasing out the new sensitivity in Neal's prickled skin. Then he applied the charged points -- snap, crackle, pop -- to his shoulders, and traced those vibrant trails of liquid heat up the sides of his neck -- Neal felt his whole body stiffen, and tried to breathe through it -- and into his scalp.

On one level, it felt like having someone run their fingers through his hair, only so much better. As his thick, moussed hair was lifted away from his scalp, the sharp pricks of electricity penetrating the sensitive skin, he gasped at the rush of pleasure. But as the crackling current built up under his skin, the feeling of a fire kindling inside his skull returned, intensified by the sensation of being surrounded on all sides, Hardison's big hands encircling his head and keeping it pinned to the mattress. He knew it was just his imagination, but he could picture little bolts of lightning arcing over his hair and through his skull, and the overwhelming pleasure traveling down his spine and straight to his cock just made his heart race faster and his breath harder to catch. Finally, he took as deep a breath as he could manage.

"Okay," he gasped. "El Greco."

Hardison released his head right away and sat down next to him on the bed, draping one arm over his shoulders, careful not to touch with his fingertips. "You okay there, baby?"

"Yeah," said Neal, letting himself adjust to the loss of the mind-filling sensations, the faint prickling of his skin all over, and the fuzzy weightlessness that had taken over his head. Hardison took a few seconds to remove the finger caps, before unfastening his blindfold and restraints. Neal blinked hard under the light, and leaned into Hardison's strong, lean body as he came back to reality. The smell of ozone permeated the air, and the machine was still buzzing like old fluorescent lights. It felt a bit like standing outside barefoot after a lightning storm, grounded against the charged air.

"Yeah," he repeated, finally making eye contact with Hardison. "I'm fine. That was just a little intense."

"Too much for your first time? Man, I'm sorry, I get carried away sometimes."

"No, really, it's fine." Neal smiled. "I just have a thing about feeling like I'm trapped in my head. It's kind of a phobia, I guess."

Hardison was silent for a second while he thought that one through. "Yeah," he said quietly. "I get that."

"I'm still braver than those other lovers of yours, though."

Hardison laughed. "Crazier, anyway. Which, let me tell you, is some fucking accomplishment."

"I'll put it on my resume." Neal curled against Hardison on the bed, the contact shot through with pleasure from Neal's sensitized skin. He kissed Hardison on the corner of his mouth, just enough to taste, and Hardison smiled but didn't close his eyes.

"You need to stop the scene altogether and cut straight to aftercare, or you just want to... take things in another direction?"

"You mean the direction where I get to come? Because I could work with that."

Hardison sighed. "One-track mind, man. But you cooperated very nicely with my experiment, so I guess I could see about some kinda reward..."

Neal threw his leg over Hardison's hips and his crotch against him as hard as he could.

"Okay. One reward, coming right up."

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