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Okay, so warnings! This is how I do them.

I rate everything, and I list why everything is rated the way it is. For instance, "Two Tickets" is rated "PG (brief mentions of violence)," because it has Kirk talking about a bar fight.

Note that the same fic also has Kirk and McCoy doing a little bit of kissing and cuddling, fully-clothed, in bed. I didn't list that under the rating, because kissing and cuddling between straight people doesn't effect the rating of a movie, so I don't think it should between two people of the same sex, either. [b]If I list a pairing, and you're squicked or distressed by the thought of that pairing kissing or being affectionate, consider the pairing to be the warning.[/b]

Aside from the factors that go into rating (sex, violence, language, substance abuse), there are certain things that I will warn for on a separate line. These would include:

Other non-consensual or dubiously-consensual sexual behavior
Stalking or other abusive behavior
Mental health triggering issues (I have panic attacks, and I sometimes write about panic attacks)
Character death
BDSM and other kinks

If I came up with something else that might disturb or trigger someone, I'd probably try to warn for that, too. But the fact is, I'm a great big fluffbunny and it is pretty unlikely that I will. Most of my fics have the approximate consistency of whipped marshmallow spread.

One thing I will note that I'm bad at is that I tend to like some kind of powerplay in porn, and it comes out whether I really intend for that to be a focus or not. I'm not always good at judging what other people will see as kinky vs vanilla. But as a general thing, if you prefer smut with no D/s or power differential issues going on... you probably won't enjoy my smut fics. :( Just a heads-up.

SPOILERS: I don't warn for spoilers on my fic journal. Why? Because I can't keep track of what damn thing happened when, that's why. Also because in my experience, once you start reading fic for a series you're not caught up on, you're going to get spoiled anyway. It's kind of hard to avoid.

DISCLAIMERS: I don't do them if I'm not writing RPS. I really don't think anyone's going to bother to sue me -- I'm such an itty bitty fish in a great big ocean. I do them for RPS more out of respect than anything.

CONCRIT: Always welcome! I've been through tons of writing workshops; I'm not going to be upset if you point out what you would have done differently. Discussion is always a plus in my book!


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